Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Gillaspie is proud to offer Aesthetic Medicine at the Portland Wellness Center

Dr. Elaine Gillaspie is a naturopathic physician who has years of dedicated service helping people feel whole and healthy. She now offers to remove unsightly skin blemishes and assist you in achieving clearer, fresher, younger looking skin.

Advanced technology helps remove:
• Skin surface irregularities
• Small Red Veins & Some Spider Veins
• Age Spots & Other Sun Damage
• Moles & Other Raised Lesions
• Skin Tags
• Warts

The CryoProbe is a unique, precision instrument that delivers a fine, pin-point spray of pressurized liquid nitrous oxide. This non-toxic combination of freezing temperature and pressurization helps remove superficial lesions without cutting, bleeding, or the need for sutures.

The extreme precision of lesion treatment creates less damage to the surrounding skin and the treatment is typically pain free!

The Ellman Surgitron, with radiowave technology, uses high-frequency energy to make cosmetic-enhancing incisions. Healing is rapid and virtually bloodless, with little or no bruising. Suturing is rarely needed.

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